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Roll of Honour
Farewell to our colleagues who have passed away
If you would like to add to our Roll of Honour please contact us on the contact page or email Graham Whiteside. You can also include a photo.
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April 2018 Information from: John Coop  
 Stan Gorman
 Stan worked in the Telex Exchange in Central, York Street.
April 2018 Information from: John Coop  
 Jeff Cook
 Jeff worked on Manchester Central auto before transferring to the Training School at Didsbury.
April 2018 Information from: Laurence Capewell  
 Sid Conroy
 Sid retired from BT in 1994 spending his later career in the Sales Department rising to the heights of a Level 5. He was a colourful chap and well liked by all those who he worked with in BT. He was a very busy and active person both in BT and at home, an avid and very capable DIY man who could turn his hand to anything. He also had a market stall at Altrincham Market with his wife Sandra selling shoes.
April 2018 Information from: Bill Howard and Allan Brown  
 Martin Butlin
 Martin worked in Dial House Manchester on Trunk Test
March 2018 Information from: Brian Carrick  
 Ian Sandels
 Ian passed away peacefully after a long fight with cancer. Ian worked in Manchester on Outside Broadcasts from the age of 21 to his retirement.
March 2018 Information from: Alan Murphy and Ian Gregory  
 Albert Hobbs
 Albert worked in the Manchester NOU, Blackfriars Unit E, Blackfriars TXE4, and Subs Maintenance in the old Manchester Central Area.
March 2018 Information from: Roger Curran and John Ainsworth  
 Steve Brady
 Steve worked in Swinton on Exchange Maintenance around 40 years ago before moving into the NOU around 1990 working on System X and AXE10 Maintenance/Surveillance. He moved on to network support and worked there until being put in the CTC. He then got as job working in Dial House on MEAS around 9/10 years ago where he worked on various roles until he left BT in 2017 on a release package. Steve was a popular and well liked man and was always ready to share his extensive knowledge.
March 2018 Information from: Chris Miles  
 Alan Miles
 Alan worked for BT for in it's many guises for 42 years before retiring in 1987. A great many years were spent working in Dial House where he rose to the rank of Executive Engineer before spending some time as a Lecturer at Horwood House near Milton Keynes then finishing his career in Bristol.
Febuary 2018 Information from: Eric Garner and Jeff Horsfall  
 Pete Warhurst
 Details to follow
Febuary 2018 Information from: Pete Watson and John Williams  
 Jeff Roberts
 Jeff spent most of his service in the Manchester South area rinsing from Y2YC to level two. He retired to Cambridgeshire
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