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Past newsletters in reverse date order
02 Jul 2024Farewell John Lewer
21 Apr 2024Farewell Thomas J Miller - RIP
06 Apr 2024John Coburn bails out!
04 Apr 2024Goodbye Fred Howarth RIP - correction
03 Apr 2024Goodbye Fred Howarth RIP
05 Mar 2024RIP Peter Barrie
01 Mar 2024Wraggy's Outta Here..
27 Feb 2024Ian Tomlinson and Pete O'Hanlon's Retirement Doo
09 Feb 2024RIP Cliff Dodd - update changed venue
08 Feb 2024RIP Cliff Dodd - update new venue
02 Feb 2024RIP Cliff Dodd
29 Jan 2024Farewell Dave Hartley - Update
19 Jan 2024Farewell Dave Hartley
08 Dec 2023Attention all Shamaholics!
31 Oct 2023Farewell Bren Flynn
19 Sep 2023Farewell Terry Grogan
18 Jun 2023R.I.P. Dave Thomas - update
16 Jun 2023R.I.P. Dave Thomas
12 May 2023Farewell Roger Curran
30 Apr 2023Farewell to Mike Walker
13 Mar 2023Farewell Maurice Ireland
08 Mar 2023RIP Nick Hough
03 Mar 2023Farewell Peter Entwhistle
31 Jan 2023Farewell John Wardle
30 Jan 2023Farewell Barrie Smith
16 Jan 2023Farewell Ted Officer
13 Jan 2023Farewell Dave Foley
11 Jan 2023Farewell Ken Sparkes - Update
11 Jan 2023Farewell Ken Sparkes
11 Jan 2023Farewell Jean Frith
21 Dec 2022Farewell Peter Hammond
15 Dec 2022Farewell John Ollerenshaw
13 Dec 2022Farewell Keith Highcock
02 Dec 2022Farewell Roy Cohen and Rob Rowland
02 Sep 2022Ian Wing's funeral details
26 Aug 2022Farewell Kevin Walter
19 Aug 2022Farewell Stanley Ashurst and Ian Wing
06 Aug 2022Farewell Steve Nangle
02 Aug 2022Farewell John Swain
20 Jul 2022Farewell Ken Winter
05 Jul 2022Farewell Howard Orgel and Dave Rigby
03 Jul 2022Farewell Gaynor Murray
02 Jul 2022Farewell Peter Torkoniak
28 May 2022Farewell Howard Timms
06 Apr 2022Farewell Phil Lancaster
03 Apr 2022Richard, Bob Phil and Simon joint retirement doo
26 Mar 2022Update: Colin Woodbridge to get the beers in
28 Feb 2022Chris James hangs up the phone!
21 Feb 2022Colin Woodbridge to get the beers in
01 Feb 2022John Salmon funeral update
26 Jan 2022Farewell John Salmon
20 Jan 2022Farewell Frank Constable
07 Jan 2022Farewell Alan Warford
08 Dec 2021It's party time
15 Oct 2021Sue Tinning has brewed her last pot of tea
07 Oct 2021Farewell Henry Jepson and FLrank Harris
29 Sep 2021Farewell Bill Wade
25 Aug 2021Farewell Keith Davies
04 Aug 2021Farewell Neil Chorley
15 Jul 2021Richard Pennington's doo - Updated
14 Jul 2021Farewell Terry Goodwin and Frank Green
25 Jun 2021Farewell Stewart Barker
24 Jun 2021Farewell Eric Woodhouse
24 Jun 2021Richard Pennington has escaped!
14 Jun 2021Farewell Rod Ayre
02 Jun 2021Farewell Sam Lord
12 May 2021Farewell Ron Glenn
29 Apr 2021Farewell Cliff Maher
15 Apr 2021Farewell Pete Hogan
13 Mar 2021Farewell Harry Prowe and Alan Tetlow
11 Mar 2021David Elliott has hit the button
11 Mar 2021Karl Highcock hits the button!
02 Mar 2021Farewell Derek Smith - Update
21 Feb 2021Farewell Derek Smith
20 Feb 2021Farewell Brian Benson
01 Feb 2021Farewell Syd McCarthy
29 Dec 2020Farewell Bob Smith
09 Dec 2020Farewell Trevor Bigham - Update
04 Dec 2020Farewell Trevor Bigham
20 Nov 2020Farewell Brian Pike
17 Nov 2020Dennis Holyland RIP - Update
16 Nov 2020Farewell Sid Rowe
10 Nov 2020Farewell Dennis Holyland
05 Nov 2020Farewell Norman Faulkner
31 Oct 2020Farewell Dennis Mulcahy
24 Oct 2020Farewell Dave Edwards - Update
19 Oct 2020Farewell Dave Turton
18 Oct 2020Farewell Dave Edwards
08 Oct 2020Farewell Ralph Brownell
29 Sep 2020Farewell Frank Rowbotham
25 Aug 2020Farewell Rod Lomas
27 Jun 2020Farewell Bill Howard
22 Jun 2020Farewell Les Turner
15 Jun 2020Farewell Dave Smith 'DAS'
02 Jun 2020Farewell John Essex
02 Jun 2020Farewell John Essex - Latest
30 May 2020Farewell John Williams
16 May 2020Farwell Edith White
15 May 2020Farewell Mike Kelly
03 Apr 2020Farewell Colin Bennett
01 Apr 2020Farewell Les Robinson
24 Mar 2020Farewell Dennis Massey
24 Mar 2020Farewell Brian Warren
21 Mar 2020Farewell David H Nicholson
20 Mar 2020Bill Clarke's funeral update
12 Mar 2020Farewell Terry Crowe
11 Mar 2020Farewell Alan Jones(No8)
10 Mar 2020Farewell Bill Clarke
03 Mar 20202020 Reunion Update
27 Feb 2020Farewell Steve Kruger
18 Feb 20202020 Reunion!
10 Feb 2020Mark Dunning finally escapes!
16 Jan 2020Farewell Alan Jones
14 Jan 2020Colin Chatterton’s finally leaving
04 Jan 2020Farewell Mick Owens
27 Nov 2019NOU Xmas Doo
26 Nov 2019It's CHRISTMAS!!
08 Nov 2019Farewell Brian Greenwood
10 Oct 2019UPDATE - Manchester Apprentices 1979 Reunion
09 Oct 2019Manchester North, South and Central Apprentices 1979 Reunion
04 Oct 2019Festus Ofili funeral details update
24 Sep 2019Farewell Festus Ofili
23 Sep 2019Farewell Phil Beattie
10 Sep 2019Paul Clayton's leaving Doo
30 Aug 2019Updated - Farewell Sean Smith
29 Aug 2019Farewell Sean Smith
16 Jul 2019Farewell Steve Coney
06 Jul 2019Farewell Dave Cosham
22 May 2019Farewell Sam Corbett
10 May 2019Farewell Vinny Collins
09 May 2019John Miller's out of here!
27 Mar 2019Farewell Ron Bates
19 Feb 2019Farewell Steve Payne and Mike Carr
11 Feb 2019Dave Crowley is tunnelling out.....
07 Feb 2019Farewell Doug Edwards
28 Jan 2019Farewell Graham Bell
18 Jan 2019Telecommunications Heritage Conference
29 Dec 2018Farewell Harold S Garner
21 Dec 2018Farewell Ted Ings
20 Dec 2018Farewell Howie Nixon
19 Dec 2018Recent deaths
05 Dec 2018(updated) Farewell Albert Sanders
04 Dec 2018Farewell Albert Sanders
01 Dec 2018Shamaholics Xmas Doo!
20 Oct 2018Farwell Ron Scanes
21 Aug 2018Farewell Ray Mee
13 Aug 2018Farewell Ted McGee
30 Jul 2018Farewell Mike Flynn (The Glossop one)
15 Jul 2018Farewell Arthur Whyte
11 Jul 2018Farewell Dave Millington
12 Jun 2018Farewell Vin Carey
23 May 2018A boring but important update
22 May 2018Farewell Tony Lyons
19 May 2018Farewell Dave Oldham
16 May 2018Farewell Jack Henshall
27 Apr 2018Farewell Stan Gorman
24 Apr 2018Farewell Jeff Cook
16 Apr 2018Farewell Sid Conroy
06 Apr 2018Farewell Martin Butlin
29 Mar 2018Farewell Ian Sandels
17 Mar 2018Farewell Steve Brady
15 Mar 2018Farewell Albert Hobbs
09 Mar 2018Farewell Pete Warhurst
03 Mar 2018Joe 'The Door' Hinds Retirement
19 Feb 2018Farewell Barry Jones
08 Feb 2018Farewell Ron Wood
01 Feb 2018Farewell Cliff Carter
08 Jan 2018The sad loss of Peter Heys
03 Jan 2018RIP Peter Walker
03 Jan 2018Farewell Gottfried Sohar
16 Dec 2017Farewell Nadine Beard
15 Dec 2017Merry Christmas from BTMRStaff
21 Nov 2017Photo Challenge
02 Nov 2017Farewell Brian Pugh
16 Oct 2017Reunion 2017 - Done
28 Sep 2017BTMRStaff 2017 Reunion Tomorrow!
22 Sep 2017Just a week to The Reunion!
15 Sep 2017John Salmon is 'On his way'
14 Sep 2017Gary Jackson calls it a day
25 Aug 2017Farewell Malcom Pickup
25 Aug 2017Farewell Tom Hoey
01 Aug 2017Steve Taylor has left the building
29 Jul 2017*** REUNION 2017 *** :-)
28 Jul 2017Farewell Ken Fearns
27 Jul 2017Ged Wilson's Bury gig
14 Jul 2017Farewell Paul Reay
04 Jul 2017Ron Glenn's 70th Birthday!
09 Jun 2017Farewell Jim Purvis
16 May 2017Dave Sharp has Escaped
24 Apr 2017Farewell Lol Williamson
06 Apr 2017Farewell Colin Cordon
27 Mar 2017Farewell Neil Higgins
11 Mar 2017Farewell Pete Carruthers
23 Feb 2017Farewell Bill Bunker
04 Feb 2017Reunion 2017!
13 Jan 2017Farewell Tommy Hall
14 Dec 2016Farewell Roger Mitchell
06 Dec 2016Farewell David 'Des' Stopford
18 Nov 2016BTMRstaff member seeks support for election to IET Board
18 Nov 2016Farewell Steve Blake
31 Oct 2016Farewell Ian Staley
08 Sep 2016Farewell Harry Kirk
06 Aug 2016Farewell Roger Barfield
29 Jun 2016Farewell Eleanor Higgins
14 Jun 2016Farewell John Faulkner
08 Jun 2016Dave Benson Funeral Arrangements
05 Jun 2016Farewell Dave Benson
06 May 2016Farewell John Grundy
27 Apr 2016Derek Atherton has left the building
26 Apr 2016Graham Whiteside Escapes!
25 Apr 2016Richard Poole is hanging up his armature bender
20 Apr 2016Dave Jackson is retiring
24 Mar 2016Farewell Tom Jardine
14 Mar 2016Farewell Bill Cullen
09 Mar 2016Farewell Dave Brindley and Graham Shaw
17 Feb 2016Farewell Steve Routledge
15 Feb 2016Barry Hadfield
25 Jan 2016Sam Price's Funeral Details
20 Jan 2016Farewell Les Tatton
17 Jan 2016Farewell Sam Price
19 Dec 2015Xmas Greetings
24 Nov 2015Farewell Chris Barclay
20 Nov 2015Tommy Hutchinson Retires again!
05 Nov 2015Farewell Tony 'Robbo' Robinson
25 Oct 2015Farewell Shirley Edwards
05 Oct 2015Farewell George Ward
25 Sep 2015A little refreshment with Allan Henson
24 Sep 2015Farewell Ronny Rogers
07 Sep 2015Farewell Vic Sands
03 Aug 2015Farewell Ann Smethills
10 Jun 2015John Cresswell calls it a day!
11 Apr 2015Farwell Arthur Cottam
26 Feb 2015Farewell John Garner
26 Feb 2015Farewell Alan Gawne
21 Feb 2015Farewell Barry Winton
24 Jan 2015Farewell Dave Wilson
17 Dec 2014Merry Xmas
17 Oct 2014Farewell Ronnie Jepson
27 Aug 2014John O'Mara jumps to it!
08 Jul 2014Sad loss of Hilda Barnes
09 Jun 2014Farewell Ian Wilson
17 May 2014Farwell Hazel Batty
22 Apr 2014Reunion this Friday!
12 Apr 2014Don't forget Friday 25th April
31 Mar 2014Farewell Dave Smith
23 Mar 20142014 INFORMAL REUNION
22 Mar 2014Power Off!!
19 Mar 2014Farewell George Homa
07 Jan 2014Farewell Danny Casey
24 Dec 2013Seasons Greetings!
02 Dec 2013Farewell Dave Roebuck
17 Nov 2013Funeral Arrangments for Graham Dewhurst and Fred Croft
11 Nov 2013Farewell Graham Dewhurst
02 Sep 2013Farewell Ken Brash
30 Jun 2013Another Triple Leaving Doo
27 Jun 2013Goodbye John Higson
17 May 2013Shambles: First Thursday of every month
14 May 2013Farewell Alan Staley
27 Apr 2013Banksy waves goodbye!
02 Apr 2013A couple of forthcoming doo's
22 Dec 2012Merry Christmas!
28 Jul 2012Eddie Holmes's funeral arrangements
29 Jun 2012Kristen appeals for her Dad's work colleagues
06 Jun 2012Pete Bantham Leaving and New Pages On Website
26 May 2012Summer's arrived!
26 May 2012Summer's arrived! (non members email)
29 Mar 2012Reunion Done!
22 Mar 2012Reunion Tomorrow
19 Mar 2012Reunion This Friday
17 Mar 2012Mike Park and Alan Campbell's Leaving Do
11 Mar 2012Less Than 2 Weeks To Go!
25 Jan 2012Funeratl Arrangements
31 Dec 2011Happy New Year
12 Nov 2011BIG BT Reunion March 2012
11 Nov 2011Next Reunion 23 March 2012
08 Oct 2011Ray Hayes and Don Binks Leaving Do
01 Oct 2011Steve Batley has left the building
29 Sep 2011Ged Wilson's Leaving Do
26 Sep 2011Dave 'Captain' Bleakey and Bill Wade leaving BT
08 Sep 2011Forex training seminar now 95 pounds
25 Aug 2011Forex training course with 10 percent discount
20 Aug 2011Dave Oxley Leaving BT
13 Jul 2011Arthur Gilbert and Malc Kershaw's Leaving Doo
09 Jun 2011Big Leaving Doo! Wednesday 29th June 2011
06 Jun 2011Derek Leather is back in UK for Three weeks in August
06 May 2011Farewell Alan Bannister
02 Apr 2011Newsletter 003
01 Apr 2011Farewell Bill Wilson
14 Mar 2011Newsletter 002
26 Feb 2011Newsletter 001
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