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Farewell to our colleagues who have passed away
If you would like to add to our Roll of Honour please contact us on the contact page or email Graham Whiteside. You can also include a photo.
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March 2020 Information from: Jessica Warren  
  Brian Warren
 Brian worked for many years in Dial House on construction duties. Brian retired in 2002.
March 2020 Information from: Pete Livesey  
  Dennis Massey
 Dennis joined Post Office Telecoms in Manchester Central Area as a TTA in 1971 he then worked on PABX Maintence based in Gorton. After 15 years Dennis left the company and worked in Oman for 9 years before returning to the UK.
March 2020 Information from: Chris Leonard  
  David H Nicholson
 Dave was the level 1 at Central and Piccadilly in the late 70’s early 80’s. He then became the level 2 over the NACC and digital exchanges. He will probably be best remembered for his role in the building of the NOU.
March 2020 Information from: Ian Tomlinson  
  Terry Crowe
 Terry was a much appreciated colleague who worked in TASS and Manchester Telex in York Street.
March 2020 Information from: Graham Whiteside  
  Bill Clarke
 Bill worked on Trunk Test in Dial House Manchester.
Febuary 2020 Information from: Andria Rogers  
  Steve Kruger
 Steve worked in Telecoms House on Building Services.
Febuary 2020 Information from: Joe Boulderstone-Salthouse  
  Alan Jones No8
 Details to follow if you can help get in touch via or Contact us page.
January 2020 Information from: John Coop  
  Lance Middleton
 Lance retired when the Didsbury Training School closed in 1985. He’d been there about 10 to 12 years. He was a real character and I’m told that in the 1950s he was suspended for 12 months on full pay suspected of Communist connections. He had in fact married an Armenian girl old eastern bloc so no connections found. Lance Died at the right good old age of 100
January 2020 Information from: Harry Bannister  
  Alan Jones
 Alan spent his early days in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s in Dial House Carrier and his latter management days spent in the NOU in Manchester.
December 2019 Information from: Martin Jackson  
  Mick Owens
 Mick started in 1970 in the Wigan area he then moved to Manchester in the mid eighties on the Private Wire group moving on to the night staff working around Manchester and Lancs Cumbria around 2005. He retired in September 2011.
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