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Roll of Honour
Farewell to our colleagues who have passed away
If you would like to add to our Roll of Honour please contact us on the contact page or email Graham Whiteside. You can also include a photo.
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June 2022 Information from: Noel Michael Garlick  
  Pete Torkoniak
 Pete started out in Dial house on Trunk Test and Works Orders before moving to Germany in 1973. He started as a waiter, then a Telecom-Technician, then Computer Systems Engineer, and then Head of Operations department at a US computer company before retirement.
May 2022 Information from: Alan Barker  
  Howard Timms
 Howard joined the GPO in 1962 and spent the whole of his working life in the Manchester District and Manchester Central. On Exchchange Construction, Planing and Estimating in Telephone House, also as a manager.
April 2022 Information from: Alan Farrell  
  Phil Lancaster
 Details to follow, if you can help get in touch via our 'Contact us' page.
Febuary 2022 Information from: Colin Driver  
  Chris Wood
 Chris worked in Tandem, Dial House.
January 2022 Information from: Tony Wragg  
  John Salmon
 John worked in Dial House in the TVNSC until it closed. He moved to Maintenance before leaving to take a Degree at Bolton University.
January 2022 Information from: James Glynn Fletcher  
  Frank Constable
 Frank worked on Subs Maintenance based at Macclesfield.
January 2022 Information from: David Steel  
  Alan Warford
 Alan worked in Dial House on ground floor Repeater station up to 1993,then in the NOU. He took early retirement in 2001. Alan then worked for Orange at Salford Quays until 2012.
September 2021 Information from: Bill Tinning  
  Sue Tinning
 Sue started her career as a telephonist on manual exchanges around Rochdale and the Rossendale Valley from 1963 to 1966 she moved on to be a Clerical Assistant in the MAC in Dial House.
September 2021 Information from: Bernard Willacy  
  Stuart Ormson
 Stuart worked as a TO on power maintenance.
September 2021 Information from: Glynn Fletcher  
  John Foley
 John worked on transmission construction in Manchester South area. He was previously from the fire brigade so was known to his colleagues as Fireman Foley.
September 2021 Information from: Mike Norris  
  Bill Wade
 Details to follow, if you can help get in touch via our 'Contact us' page.
August 2021 Information from: Dave Shear  
  Henry Jepson
 Henry worked in the ground floor carrier stations in Dial house until his retirement 1993. He was also the branch chairman of the POEU for a time.
August 2021 Information from: Paul Shaw  
  Keith Davies
 Keith worked in Carrier and the TVNSC, Dial House.
July 2021 Information from: Jim Perkins  
  Neil Chorley
 Neil joined as an apprentice, then moved onto Kiosk Maintenance working from Gorton. Neil had a relatively short career in BT. After studying computing at the Open University he landed a job at an American company and trained in the USA, but his work was based in the UK. He left to start his own business, AC Computers in Wigan in the 80's. Neil was a keen motorcyclist, competing at the Isle of Man and a United supporter.
July 2021 Information from: Jeff Horsfall  
  Terry Goodwin
 Based and living in Congleton, Terry worked around the Macclesfield South Manchester area on Subs Apparatus and Line duties, PABX Maintenance and later with Openreach as a Customer Service Engineer.
June 2021 Information from: Mike Green  
  Frank Green
 Frank started as a youth in training back in 1945. Working his way through, cabling gang, Subs Apparatus install and repair, a short time at Blackfriars and Ringway ATE, he ended up working on the the test desk in HPO Witton Street. He moved to the new telephone exchange in Middlewich Road, later becoming Northwich RSC, dealing with subscribers faults and fault distribution to the faultsmen. He was also much involved in the sports and social club.
June 2021 Information from: Harry Batey  
  Stewart Barker
 Stewart was the Manchester North area sign writer.
June 2021 Information from: Kevin Walker  
  Rod Ayre
 Rod started as an apprentice in the sale area eventually working in Sale telephone exchange, he then moved onto PABX maintenance in Manchester South based in Mercury ate. When the areas were amalgamated he was based in Ashton under Lyne.
May 2021 Information from: Dave Jefferson  
  Sam Lord
 Sam worked on North Area Construction and later in Bury Exchange.
April 2021 Information from: Dave Timperley and Paul Banks  
  Ron Glenn
 Ron joined the GPO as Youth in Training in August 1964 Became T2A, then TO, then TOA at Manchester Guardian from 1966 to 1975 After a short spell on Datel Test, moved to Stone as Instructor in the Transmission Group in October 1976. Promoted to Manager as Training Designer in 1987, and left in 1995. He became a Church Leader in Chester until retirement at age 65.
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