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Roll of Honour
Farewell to our colleagues who have passed away
If you would like to add to our Roll of Honour please contact us on the contact page or email Graham Whiteside. You can also include a photo.
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October 2020 Information from: Nigel Milne  
  Dave Turton
 In the 1980-90’s Dave worked in the ADCO and the Datel Planning offices moving latterly to Customer Network Operations Project Management based in Telephone House. Previously he had worked on external works groups around the Manchester area.
October 2020 Information from: Jeff Horsfall  
  Dave Edwards
 Dave was a Customer Service engineer working for Openreach in the Macclesfield area. He also used to cover the PABX customers around Macclesfield Congleton and surrounding areas.
October 2020 Information from: John Coop  
  Ralph Brownell
 Ralph worked on Trunk Test in Dial House in the 1960's and was promoted to level 1 mamager on External Planning.
September 2020 Information from: Chris Bates  
  Frank Rowbotham
 Frank started out on maintenance at Trafford exchange then followed thirty years on Telex. Both at York Street and Dial House. After the closure of Telex Frank moved to Broadband Provision.
August 2020 Information from: James Glynn Fletcher  
  Ron Furness
 Ron was TOA in Gatley ATE from 1971.
June 2020 Information from: Sue Raisbeck Bill's daughter  
  Bill Howard
 Bill worked in Manchester Central after starting as an apprentice in the 1950's. He is probably best remembered working on large customer switch maintenance as well as being on permanent call out. Bill was a larger than life character known by many for his great sense of humour.
June 2020 Information from: Jim Heathcote  
  Les Turner
 Les worked on exchange construction in the 70's 80's and part of the 90's before he took early retirement.
June 2020 Information from: Jeff Horsfall and Dave Armstrong  
  Dave Smith 'DAS'
 Dave Smith affectionately known as DAS was probably best known as TOA at Macclesfield RSC in the 1970s and 80s.
June 2020 Information from: Allan Brown  
  Graham Allen
 Graham Big G joined as an apprentice in 195x. He later became a TO on Exchange Construction in Manchester and late 1960's onwards was Clerk of Works at the new Turret TkND exchange in Salford and later at Central TXE4. He also spent some time on exchange planning. He was promoted to Level 1 on exchange contract planning in the North West Regional Office in the mid 1980's and worked there until his retirement in 199x. planning for the replacement digital exchanges across the North West.
May 2020 Information from: Harvey Derbyshire  
  John Essex
 John worked on the 1st floor Dial House on Works Orders he went on to manage Telex in the 80's he retired possibly as the manager on Aerial Rigging. He was a keen Radio Ham and a member of the Radio club during his time at Dial House.
May 2020 Information from: Lynne Pringle-Adley  
  Edith White
 Edith who used to be an evening telephonist in Manchester Cathedral Exchange
April 2020 Information from: Steven Wilson  
  Mike Kelly
 Mike worked on Private Wires at customer premises for many years. When Openreach was formed he continued to work at customer sites on installations until his retirement.
April 2020 Information from: Geoff Stokes  
  Colin Bennett
 Colin worked on north area construction at Ashton-Under-Lyne ATE in the seventies. Colin joined BT as a TTA in 1969 and retired in 2010.
March 2020 Information from: Alfred Brown  
  Les Robinson
 Les worked in Manchester Central Circuit Provision Control then Manchester CPC before moving into Broadband Diagnostics where he finished his career.
March 2020 Information from: Jessica Warren  
  Brian Warren
 Brian worked for many years in Dial House on construction duties. Brian retired in 2002.
March 2020 Information from: Pete Livesey  
  Dennis Massey
 Dennis joined Post Office Telecoms in Manchester Central Area as a TTA in 1971 he then worked on PABX Maintence based in Gorton. After 15 years Dennis left the company and worked in Oman for 9 years before returning to the UK.
March 2020 Information from: Chris Leonard  
  David H Nicholson
 Dave was the level 1 at Central and Piccadilly in the late 70’s early 80’s. He then became the level 2 over the NACC and digital exchanges. He will probably be best remembered for his role in the building of the NOU.
March 2020 Information from: Ian Tomlinson  
  Terry Crowe
 Terry was a much appreciated colleague who worked in TASS and Manchester Telex in York Street.
March 2020 Information from: Graham Whiteside  
  Bill Clarke
 Bill worked on Trunk Test in Dial House Manchester.
Febuary 2020 Information from: Andria Rogers  
  Steve Kruger
 Steve worked in Telecoms House on Building Services.
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