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New notice
From: Noel Michael GarlickPosted: 22-6-2022
 I am sorry to announce the death our colleague & fellow 69er Pete Torkoniak yesterday.Pete had been ill for some time and finally past away peacefully. He had worked on trunk test in Dial House, before moving to Germany to live.As yet we have no funeral information.

In Pete's own words from his profile:

School: North Manchester Grammar School in Moston till 1968
GPO mainly Dial House, Works Orders and Trunk Test till 1973
Used to live in Blackley, Riverdale Road. It was a lovely area in those days.
Munich, Germany: moved to Munich to earn more money and see more of Europe:
Worked in Munich as a waiter till I learnt he language then Telecom-Technician, then Computer Systems Engineer, then Head of Operations Dep't at a US computer company.
Now a pensioner another ol' git
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From: Alan BarkerPosted: 28-5-2022
notice.jpg Farewell To Howard Timms
 Howard passed away yesterday 26th May 2022 after a short illness aged 76

He joined the GPO in 1962 and spent the whole of his working life in Manchester District and Manchester Central.
On Exchange Construction, Planing and Estimating in Telephone House.

Howard's wife Enid has advised us of the funeral details:

12:00 noon on Thursday 9th June
Howe Bridge Crematorium
Off Lovers Lane
M46 0PZ

Then on to:

Tyldesley Rugby Club
Astley Street
M29 8HG

Enid has requested Family flowers only and any donations to St Ann's Hospice, Little Hulton would be appreciated.
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 6-4-2022
candles.jpg Farewell Phil Lancaster
 Alan Farrell has been in touch about the death of Phil Lancaster.

I have just the received the sad news about Phil Lancaster via Greater Manchester Magistrates Court.

Phil's funeral details

Monday 11th April 2022at 3:00pm
Hollinwood Crematorium
Roman Road
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 2-4-2022
2pints.jpg Richard, Bob Phil and Simon joint retirement doo
 Richard Penningtom, Bob Sharples, Phil Lawrence and Simon Beecham are having a joint retirement doo.

They would like to invite friends and colleagues for drinks and nibbles and a general knees-up to celebrate their escape from BT.

Between the four of them they have devoted more than 150 years to the cause. That must be worth a few bevvies!

Please let us know via our contact page if you are attending, Covid permitting. Rick wants to know how many sausage rolls he needs to make! Partners are welcome as well.

The Doo:

Friday 6th May from 2:00pm
Arden Arms
23 Millgate
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 28-2-2022
bt.jpg Chris James hangs up the phone!
 Chris wrote:

Well after just over forty two and a half years it’s time to hang up the phone…………..!

I’ve done so,so many things…………seen so many changes and advances…………but the clock on the office wall says the moment is here!

I would just like to thank everyone whose been there on my journey…………… you've all helped make it tremendous!

If you wish to reply or contact me in the future please pop it on my new email address, as I suspect BT won’t hang about with closing my email! I shall also be keeping both my mobile numbers

I managed to keep my radio pager until the end but that too is now retiring!

Chris James

17th. September 1979 to 28th. February 2022

If anyone wants to get hold of Chris, please get in touch via our contact page, phone numbers and email not published.
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 26-3-2022
smile.jpg Colin Woodbridge to get the beers in
 Colin has spent most of his working life skiving around Dial House! Look out for a jump in the share price now he has finally left.

As another of Dial House's colourful characters escapes the grip of BT, it makes you wonder how many people are actually left in there!

Colin left the 24-7 Data Repair team officially on the 28th Feb with a nice goodbye present in his back pocket, and he would like to spend some of it on beer! Colin invites his friends and colleagues, past and present for a couple of flagons to celebrate his escape.

Colin's leaving doo:

Update: Colin has reserved the upstairs room and bar for his doo.

Wednesday 30th March at 1:00pm
Sinclair's Oyster Bar
Shambles Square
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 4-2-2022
candles.jpg Farewell Chris Wood
 Colin Driver has let us know about the sad news of Chris's death.

Chris used to work in Tandem, Dial House.

We hope for further information later. Can anyone help to fill in the details of Chris's working life ar BT?
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 25-1-2022
2pints.jpg Colin Woodbridge Finally Escapes
 Colin Woodbridge has finally hit the button! He leaves officially on the 28th Feb but due to the amount of leave he has amassed, that's it!

Colin has spent most of his working career in Dial House. His early days were on Circuit Provision, later onto Kilostream, and probably many other jobs in between.

His final posting from where he leaves is on the 24-7 Data Repair team. Two of his colleagues from the team are also on their way out, Mark Taylor and Mell Knowles are also leaving as well.

Colin says he will be along to the First Thursday meet up at the Shambles, Sinclair's Oyster Bar on the 3rd February for the odd flagon.
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 1-2-2022
rose.jpg Farewell John Salmon
 Tony Wragg dropped us an email with the sad news of John's passing.

Sorry to have to inform everyone, John was rushed to hospital and died last Wednesday 19 1 22.

I've bumped into him quite a few times since he left BT, the last time was last year at Middlebrook getting my 2nd jab where he told me he was about to complete the 3 year engineering degree he started at Bolton Uni after leaving BT... A lovely guy, will be missed.

John worked for many years in the TVNSC Dial House until it closed. I think he moved to Maintenance after that before taking a redundancy package to study at university. He was only 59.

John's Funeral details:

Wednesday 2nd February at 11:00am
Overdale Crematorium
Overdale Drive
Chorley New Road

His BT friends and colleagues are invited after the service to:
Bar Lane Bowling Club
Bar Lane

A live webcast of John's funeral is available.

Watching webcast live and watch-again

Username: tini3396
Password: 899817

If anyone is going to raise a glass to John at the club, can they email Tony Wragg directly or use our contact page so his family can arrange catering.
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 20-1-2022
candles.jpg Farewell Frank Constable
 Glynn Fletcher has been in touch with the sad news of Frank's death.

Just to let everyone know Frank Constable died on 8th Jan 2022.
He worked on Subs Maintenance out of Macclesfield.

Funeral details:

Wednesday 26th Jan at 11:45am
St. Georges Church
Church Lane
New Mills
SK22 4NP

Then at 12:45pm
Stepping Hill Crematorium Cypress Chapel
Buxton Road
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New notice
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