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New notice
From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 15-9-2021
flowers2.jpg Farewell John Foley
 Glynn Fletcher contacted us with the sad news of John's passing.

Just heard John Foley has died. John was on transmission construction in Manchester South.

He was an ex-fireman hence his nick-name Fireman Foley. He was very much into amateur dramatics at New Mills Art Theatre.

No funeral details yet.

Glynn Fletcher Fleck

Check back later for funeral details.
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 10-9-2021
rose.jpg Farewell Bill Wade
 Mike Norris posted this sad message on Whatsapp.

Very Sad News Gentlemen.
For the many people that knew him, Bill Wade sadly died suddenly this morning on arrival at an Airport in Spain. He was with his wife. They had both recently recovered from COVID. Cause was probably a Heart Attack which unbelievably was what happened to his great friend Howard Nixon a few years ago at Old Trafford where they attended matches together. RIP Bill.

Funeral details to follow.
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 30-8-2021
candles.jpg Farewell Keith Davies
 Paul Shaw has been in touch about the death of Keith.

Hi, you may know but Keith collapsed and died suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday in Llandudno where he now lives.

Post mortem to be held and further info next week.


Paul has now sent through the funeral Details:-

Thursday 2nd September at 12:30
Colwyn Bay Crematorium
Glan y Wern Road
LL28 4YL

And afterwards:

The Lilly Hotel
West Parade
LL30 2BD

The chapel at the crematorium and accommodate up to 100 at the moment. I would imagine that there is also outside space available for further people.

For those who wish to watch the service via video stream please use the link below with the login details.

Username: qoxe4280
Password: 525424
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From: Bill LewisPosted: 17-8-2021
question.jpg Recognise this man?
 One for 'dial houses', is this who I think it is?
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 4-8-2021
rose.jpg Farewell Neil Chorley
 Jim Perkins got in touch with the sad news of Neil 'Angel' Chorley's death. Jim wrote a very personal account of his friendship with Neil over many years.

I first met Neil when we both ended up in the Training Manager's office for being late on our very first day at work - we'd both rode to work on our motorbikes and hadn't been able to get to Portland Street on time, so missed our induction. Whilst sat waiting for a rollicking, we introduced ourselves to each other before continuing to discuss the top speed of our bikes, mine a Triumph and his a Royal Enfield, before concluding that neither was quite quick enough!

This debate would continue for a number of years, as we both entered production motorcycle races in the 80's with Neil performing very well around the IOM road racing circuit.

Neil was a bit of a rebel when he first signed up with Post Office Telecommunications straight from school, so he was consigned to telephone kiosk maintenance duties out of Crossley Street Garage in Gorton following those first three apprenticeship years and the block release courses at Openshaw, where some might remember him from. During his time at college, he'd managed to gain something of a reputation for being a Hell's Angel basically, because he had a motorbike and hence the nickname, but he was never an official member.

The closest he came was when one of the local chapter members demanded that Neil let him ride his beloved Triumph Tiger 110 now a 650cc chopper with extended forks, up a ramp that had been placed in the street and on top of a barrel. Rather than let somebody else take his bike from him, Neil elected to do the stunt himself and so ended up in hospital with concussion, having lost all of his front teeth when the bike smashed into the ground!

We're pictured here shortly after his infamous jump with his new Norton!!! whilst camping out in a muddy Snowdonia field, February 1974 on the Dragon motorcycle rally, North Wales. You can probably tell that we weren't really the kind of lads to appreciate the Sweet but they really rocked the Winter Gardens in Blackpool at the POE Union's Christmas do in '72ish, and we were there when it all kicked off...

Neil back row, top left on team photo was always trying to organise events in those days and he obtained some company sponsorship to set up Crossley Rangers FC, playing in the Manchester Publicity League on Saturday mornings straight off the back of a late Friday night out. It was a team mixed with friends and colleagues including Gaz McGraw Blackfriars Exchange, back row 5th from the left Paul 'Jethro' Williams a great lad RIP- bottom right and me bottom left.
The home ground was close to the Crossley Street garage, which was quite handy for those of us that could be bothered to go training straight after work.

Neil had always been a reds supporter and I'm a blue but that didn't stop us going to the Man U away leg with St Etienne in France, September 1977 where we found ourselves right in the middle of some infamous crowd trouble - https: Q1KjaqAT3Sg?t=206 it's probably not a claim to fame that anybody would like to make, but we were there when it all kicked off - again! We were actually heading down for a camping holiday in Saint Tropez on the south coast and were lucky not to get banged up on the night of the match - San Trop was lovely by the way but bloody expensive.

Neil left Manchester Central POTS after a fairly short career, having studied with the Open University to obtain his degree in computing. He eventually joined an American CAD company, Calma and commenced his training with them in Sunnyvale, California - a step up from the training schools in Didsbury and Stone in Staffs, though his actual workplaces were back here in the UK, with one being just down the road at GEC in Trafford Park. He was a really clever lad and very single minded at that time in his life, so whatever he turned his hand to, he'd do it really well and with great enthusiasm.

After leaving Calma in the 80's, he started up his own business, AC Computers in Wigan, providing LAN networks and SAGE accountancy training with his partner Val. They both worked hard for many years and enjoyed a great deal of success before selling up and retiring to their barn conversion in St Helens.

Unfortunately, Val passed away from Covid earlier this year and Neil was to follow within a few months, succumbing to pnuemonia on July 18th.

Friday 6th August at 12:20
Eccles Crematorium
716 Liverpool Road
M30 7LW

Jim went on to say:-
I believe that there are no restrictions on the numbers to be allowed into the chapel, but I also understand that there won't be any kind of a gathering afterwards due to family illness. RIP Neil.
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 29-7-2021
flowers2.jpg Farewell Terry Goodwin
 Jeff Horsfall contacted us with the sad news of Terry's passing.

It is with great sadness that I have to advise that Terry Goodwin passed away last weekend 4th July 2021. Terry was 68 years old and had had a couple of health problems of late.

He worked around the Macclesfield South Manchester area on Subs Apparatus and Line duties, PABX Maintenance and in his latter years with Openreach as a Customer Service Engineer.

He was based and lived in Congleton. He left BT approx 8-10 years ago and worked for a while as a Domestic Refuse Attendant. One of his main hobbies was fishing.

Terry's funeral will be on:-

Wednesday 21st July at 11:00am
Birches Remembrance Park and Crematorium
Birches Lane
Lostock Green
For more information
Telephone 01565 748211

As all social distance measure should have ended I am assuming everyone, who wants to, can attend and pay their respects.
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From: Mike GreenPosted: 15-7-2021
notice.jpg Frank Green - Northwich RSC
 Passed after a short non-covid related illness age 93.

Born March 1928 in Northwich, educated at Davenham Primary School and Winsford Verdin Grammar Frank presented himself for an interview in August 1945.

He obviously impressed someone and he was instructed to report to Mr S A Jones, Inspector, at HPO Northwich on Saturday September 22nd 1945 at 8am to become a Youth-in-training or Y2YC as they were known. Payment to be 23shilings and 6pence plus a war bonus of 9shillings per week. Equating to £1.175 plus £0.45 for those born in new money days

Working his way through, cabling gang, sub app install and repair, a short time at Blackfriars and Ringway ATE, he ended up becoming acquainted with the test desk in HPO Witton Street, especially the cleaning thereof.

Frank eventually found himself working on the new test desk at the new telephone exchange in Middlewich road, later becoming Northwich RSC, dealing with subscribers faults and fault distribution to the faultsmen. He was also much involved in the sports and social club, children’s Christmas parties, annual outing to Blackpool lights, treasure hunts.

As is typical civil service time was moving slowly, much tea and paper sifting, until technology came along with an ever increasing pace, with new styles of management and working. Subscribers became customers, “the service” became a business and many of the elder generations found difficulty in adapting to new ways of working and understanding the new technology and decided it was time to let the younger men take the strain. Luckily early retirement schemes had also arrived.

So with P45 in hand Frank's last day of service was 20th September 1985, ever so slightly short of 40 years.

After retirement he found more time for his interests in railways and travelled around the country, visiting many of the national heritage railways, also assisted at Dapol Railway exhibition centre in Llangollen until it’s closure in 2003. Also became involved with local homewatch and crime prevention groups.

Up until his ill health in Dec 2020, he was still fully independent, of sound mind and body, and still driving.

Those that knew him well will remember, his no fuss no nonsense, straight talking philosophy, something that did not go down well with most of his managers during his time at work. Following from this a simple cremation has been at Vale Royal with thanks to Nagle Bros of Weaverham.
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 25-6-2021
flowers2.jpg Farewell Stewart Barker
 Harry Batey contacted us about the passing of Stewart.

Stewart Barker passed away on 10th July 2021 at Dr. Kershaw’s Hospice.

He had been suffering from dementia for a number of years.

Stewart was the Manchester North area sign writer prior to retirement.

Stewart's funeral arrangements:

Friday 2nd July at 11:45am
St Anne’s Church
St Anne's Avenue

Committal after service:
Hollinwood Cemetery
Roman Road

Covid restrictions still apply, limited numbers will be allowed inside venues to allow for social distancing. Additional people will be able to pay their respects from outside, up to a maximum of 30.
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 15-7-2021
sad.jpg Richard Pennington's dustcoat is up for grabs - Updated
 Friday 24th June Richard ‘Pud’ Pennington packed away his 81’s and hung up his dustcoat for the last time before becoming a retiree.

He was due to meet with friends and colleagues, but due to Boris’ ‘data not dates plan’ he’s decided to postpone.

The new plan was to say farewell on Friday 23rd July, but that has now been scuppered. The Arden Arms have changed their minds about hosting parties, and this is probably true of other venues as well who now want to unlock more cautiously.

Rick wrote:-

My daughter has got in touch with the Pub to see if all can go ahead for the 23rd but unfortunately they have changed their position and aren’t taking booking for a while until they see how things pan out. This isn’t what they said to me 2 weeks ago, I suspect they are worried with the infections being so high. So the do is off for the foreseeable future and I cant see things getting better this side of Christmas but we’ll see. If things improve it might be back on but the further we move away from it the less it has to do with me leaving. I’d have to change it to 'Just a piss up for who ever wants to come' which is what it was always going to be anyway.
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 24-6-2021
candles.jpg Farewell Eric Woodhouse
 Bernard Naylor got in touch with Mike Ku regarding the sad death of Eric.

I was contacted by Bernard Naylor last week to advise that Eric had passed away in October 2020. He was 88 years old and had just celebrated his Birthday. He had been suffering from Dementia for a number of years. Some of his colleagues has been trying to enquire about his health but had been discouraged as it was thought it was causing him some distress. As a consequence many of his BT Colleagues will be unaware.

Bernie Rowlands knew Eric for many years. He started his career in Liverpool where he was a TO on Transmission Works Orders at Liverpool D Repeater Station. He was a very well liked person and was good at his job. He eventually got promotion to the Regional Service Division on Transmission Duties where he worked until retirement. He was a very likeable person who loved his work and was a BT person through and through. He kept in touch with many of his colleagues after retirement and held an annual BBQ for them. He will be remembered with affection by all and surely missed.
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New notice
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