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Roll of Honour
Farewell to our colleagues who have passed away
If you would like to add to our Roll of Honour please contact us on the contact page or email Graham Whiteside. You can also include a photo.
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January 2012 Information from: Martin Wystyrk and Mike Ku  
  Colin Wystyrk
January 2012 Information from: Allan Brown  
  Jack Skelland
October 2011 Information from: John Drake  
  Chris Woolf
 Chris worked in Centre area. His brother Tony worked in Dial House but left many years ago. Chris was the son-in-law of the former External Branch Secretary Albert Lever.
April 2011 Information from: John Owens (Junior)  
  John Charles Owens
 From the army to Plessey, then onto the GPO. John has had a varied career. His final posting was to Sale as a manager where he worked until his retirement.
April 2011 Information from: Chris Wilson  
  Bill Wilson
April 2011 Information from: Allan Brown  
  Alan Bannister
  Alan used to work on transmission in Dial House and later as an external contracts Manager.
May 2004 Information from: Mike Ku  
  Peter Duckworth
 Peter died of a heart attack in May 2004. He was well known amongst the Dial House and Rutherford House team. He was TOA in the MR/M TRS until getting promoted into the Regional Office and from there he finally took up a Tier 2 post in Milton Keynes. Gerry Stafford later followed him to Milton Keynes and was a good friend of his.
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