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Roll of Honour
Farewell to our colleagues who have passed away
If you would like to add to our Roll of Honour please contact us on the contact page or email Graham Whiteside. You can also include a photo.
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November 2013 Information from: Mike Norris  
 Dave Roebuck
 Many will remember Dave from exchange construction in the old Manchester North area and later from the NOU in York St and Dial House.
August 2013 Information from: Steve Kenyon  
 Ken Brash
June 2013 Information from: Claire Higson  
 John Higson
 Many will remember John during his years in Dial House on private wires.
May 2013 Information from: Graham Whiteside  
 Alan Staley
 Many of you will remember Alan who worked as a Town Fitter then transferred to PW staff and finally worked on the PW control in Telephone House. He also spent many years as a football referee.
December 2012 Information from: Allan Brown  
 Granville Wooley
December 2012 Information from: Allan Brown  
 Chris Bullock
 Chris worked for the old BT on construction and emigrated to Canada in the mid seventies.
September 2012 Information from: Steve Taylor  
 Kevin Crynes
 Kevin worked in the Ashton Under Lyne Fluidity control
July 2012 Information from: Andy Pownall  
 Tommy Hennegan
July 2012 Information from: Mo Brett and Mike Norris  
 Eddie Holmes
 Eddie served for many years on fitting in the old Manchester Central area before ending up working until retirement in Dial House. He had a fantastic presence at union meetings, never backwards in coming forward and always the voice of reason. he was an extremely enthusiastic walker/hiker and actively instrumental in campaigning to keep public footpaths open.
June 2012 Information from: Kristen Southward  
 Derek Southward
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