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Wed 23 May 2018 - A boring but important update

BT MR Staff BT Manchester Staff

A boring but important update

Hi From BT MR Staff,
Your privacy, our processes and what all these emails are really about!  
You've guessed it, we're writing to you about our new Privacy Policy.  
You might have seen a lot of emails like this lately. They're to do with a thing called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  
What's GDPR, in plain English?  
It's a new set of rules that will slot into UK data privacy law on 25th May 2018. These rules set out how we can use the information collected about you, and they give you more control over this. You will have a whole extra set of legal rights around data protection. Basically, they're a good thing for everyone.  
And now the good news.  
You don't need to do anything. You can see our new 'Privacy Statement' if you like, hopefully this should satisfy our GDPR requirements! It's relatively straight forward (I can't speak legalese) Also over the next couple of days/weeks a few changes will be made to some pages to make them better comply to GDPR rules.  
In the meantime if you have any privacy related issues/questions regarding our website, please pop a question on our 'Contact Us' page or drop us an email.  
Graham Whiteside.  

Message dated: Wed 23 May 2018

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