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Wed 10 Jun 2015 - John Cresswell calls it a day!

BT MR Staff BT Manchester Staff

John Cresswell calls it a day!

Hi From BT MR Staff,
John will be leaving BT at the end of the month.  
His last day will be Tuesday 30th June. To celebrate this momentous occasion John will be propping up the bar at Weatherspoon's Moon Under Water on Deansgate from 13.00 onward.  
John has spent more years in Dial House than absolutely necessary, his collection of olde telecoms equipment scattered about the place is extensive (and [possibly dangerous). Lets just hope he takes some of it with him!  

When the American Museum of Natural History's palaeontologist William Diller Matthew published his book Dinosaurs, tucked away in a footnote, he made a suggestion that dinosaurs might return someday.  
That's John's email signature..... Quite apt?  

Message dated: Wed 10 Jun 2015

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