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Thu 29 Apr 2021 - Farewell Cliff Maher BT Manchester Staff

Farewell Cliff Maher

Hi From BT MR Staff,

Cliff actually passed away in November 2019. It only came to light When Martin Smith bumped into Cliff's wife recently.

Mike Ku added.

Cliff used to be a TO on Rutherford Trunk Auto many years ago before getting promotion into management. I believe he went into Planning in region and retired as a Tier 2. In Rutherford he was on the old rota team. I have asked Ron Roberts if he has any pictures but he did not. He also used to work with Bernie Foy in planning and when I spoke to Bernie last week he had nothing.

It's sad when a colleague death goes unnoticed, his funeral would have pre-dated the current Covid restrictions as well.

If anyone has a photo of Cliff we can add it to the notice and our Roll of Honour. Just email it back to us or upload it on our photo page.

Message dated: Thu 29 Apr 2021

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