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Sat 26 Feb 2011 - Newsletter 001
British Telecom Manchester Staff

BT MR Staff BT Manchester Staff

Newsletter 001

Hi BT MR Staff Member,
Welcome to our first newsletter from BT Manchester Staff.  
My name is Graham Whiteside I have been tasked with the job of getting the website up and running. Firstly a big thanks to all you registered members. It makes it easy to get news out there if we have all the names and email addresses in one place. Please encourage any colleagues and friends who haven't yet registered, to do so.  
OK on with the news. We can't put out a newsletter so close to our next reunion without mentioning it so here's a quick recap. I'm sure you all know it's on the 18th March 2011 at Weatherspoons, The Moon Under The Water on Deansgate, Manchester. It starts from 3:00pm and goes on 'til late. We have the exclusive use of the upper floor. Last year we practically drank the place dry! I'm sure the landlord will be ordering an inordinate amount of beer this time so that won't happen again!  
This year's reunion is an informal event so you don't need a ticket. You are also welcome to bring your partner if they want to tag along. On arrival make your way to the first floor, sticky name badges will be available for all attendees, which I found very helpful last year, because I am hopeless at remembering names.  
Last year the reunion raffle raised £1775 which was donated to four charities. This year all the proceeds of the raffle will be donated to The Christie Hospital, I'm sure they will put it to good use. Cancer touches many people's lives and Christie's is one of Europe's leading cancer treating centres, treating more than 40,000 people, mainly from the North West.  
Like last year we will be collecting photos for our website's gallery. If you bring along a camera, upload or email us any photos that you take at the reunion. Just click 'Photos' then 'Upload' on the website and follow the instructions. Any problems drop us a line using the 'Contact us' page on the site. There are just short of 300 photos of the 2010 Reunion on the website! While I'm on the subject of photos, we will publish any (decent) photos of BT (and Ex BT) related events past and present on the website, just upload them to us with a brief description of when they were taken and what the event was. If you still have some of last year's reunion it's not to late to send them in!  
I'm about sign off now, I've just a couple more things to say.  
Firstly - Please forward this email to anyone and everyone who may not have registered on the website but would like to come to the reunion or just want to keep in touch with colleagues and ex-colleagues.  
Secondly - This is the first time I have used this emailler for a full mail shot. (I've only just finished writing the program that sends the emails out.) If you are reading this, it has worked. If you're not, it didn't!!!  
Graham Whiteside  
On behalf of BT Manchester Staff. 

Message dated: Sat 26 Feb 2011
Please do not reply to this email, use the 'Contact us' page on the website.

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