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Sat 01 Dec 2018 - Shamaholics Xmas Doo!

BT MR Staff BT Manchester Staff

Shamaholics Xmas Doo!

Hi From BT MR Staff,
The 'Shamaholics' meet up at Sinclair's Oyster Bar on the Shambles square Manchester, every first Thursday of each month from about 12ish.  
Everyone is welcome and the 'sessions' are usually well attended with all kinds of retired (and occasionally some still working) BT people. If you fancy a chin wag and a few beeioes that's the place to be.  
The Shamaholics will also meet for an extra Xmas get together in December. This year it is on Wednesday 19th December at The WaterHouse, 67-71 Princess Street, again from about 12ish.  
The Xmas doo's are bursting with lots of people that don't normally make it to the monthly sessions.  
All are welcome to pop along to ether or both Doo's.  
Fancy a beer?  

Message dated: Sat 01 Dec 2018

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