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Mon 26 Sep 2011 - Dave 'Captain' Bleakey and Bill Wade leaving BT

BT MR Staff BT Manchester Staff

Dave 'Captain' Bleakey and Bill Wade leaving BT

Hi All BT MR Staff members,
Dave Bleakey is leaving our world class company at last.
He has spent many years in Dial House amongst other places. He was so popular with management, he was shipped about from pillar to post countless times.

For those who encountered him over his time in BT, you will no doubt agree he always left a lasting impression.
Anyway, Sawyer Arms, Deansgate Friday,7th October from lunchtime onwards is the place to be.

Same day, same time and just up the road in the Moon Under Water will be another much travelled BT Stalwart....BILL WADE. Bill was so dedicated to the company, he made the ultimate sacrifice of taking any job offered as long as it was a ROTA post, including working as many Sundays and Bank Holiday as possible. What a man!

Please take the opportunity of supporting these two gentlemen on their big day and at least join them in the partaking of a free drink.

I'm told that both events will be well attended with the usual array of BT/Ex BT personnel including Engineers, Management, Splitters etc.

Nob Norris

Message dated: Mon 26 Sep 2011

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