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Mon 11 Feb 2019 - Dave Crowley is tunnelling out.....

BT MR Staff BT Manchester Staff

Dave Crowley is tunnelling out.....

Hi From BT MR Staff,
After taking inspiration from Charles Bronsons’ great tunnelling skills in the classic war film 'The Great Escape', I feel that after almost 40 years of tunnelling, I am clear enough beyond the barbed wire BT fence to tunnel to the surface, glance over my shoulder at those who remain, avoid the searchlights, and Bloody leg it into early retirement!!  
I’m 56 in the summer and thinking I’ll hopefully be able to do more of my active hobbies in my late fifties than in my 60’s ,so I’m off. There's too many roads to cycle, trails and mountains to hike, waterways to kayak, countries to still visit, the 'to do list' keeps growing . I can't see myself watching 'Jeremy Kyle finds some cash in the attic and buys a home that's been hiding under a hammer', whatever the hell that's about. If I do have any spare time in the winter, I'd like to do some voluntary work as well.  
I’ve met, worked and drank with some great people over the last 40 years. The old days of working with colleagues as a team every day were really great times, but as we all know, the business has changed a lot and is mainly individual working now and the days of being part of a big staff of workmates day in//day out are long gone. Shame really. I’ve been lucky though, that I’ve never had to work in an office at all in my time and always refused any acting duties etc. Jeez, the thought of managing people + stats + charts. Don’t go there.  
There doesn’t seem to be many leaving Do’s now either, but I’m having a Do at the Dog+Partridge, Great Moor, Stockport SK2 7AN on Friday 15 March. Its 2 minutes walk from Woodsmoor train station and on the main 192 bus route from Manchester, so access is pretty good to sink a few. (and a few more.....) hic! I’ll be putting a buffet on as well, so if you could email - bell me - txt me on or 07885417013 if you can make it,that’d be great as I’d hate to cater for 3 people, then if 4 showed up it could be embarrassing.  
I’ll be in there about 4ish, with the butties on about 7ish. I've met loads of people around the north west since 1979, so it would be great to sink some ale with anyone who can make it and talk utter nonsense as I have been doing for years.  
Adios and hope to bump into people around the area before I leg it on Feb 28th..... Or on the 15th March in the Dog!!!!!!!  

Message dated: Mon 11 Feb 2019

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