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Fri 15 Oct 2021 - Sue Tinning has brewed her last pot of tea BT Manchester Staff

Sue Tinning has brewed her last pot of tea

Hi From BT MR Staff,
Sue Tinning.jpg
Bill Tinning wrote to us regarding the sad death of his Wife Sue.
Sue's funeral has already taken place, Bill sent us these heartfelt thoughts about Sue.

It is with great sadness I am advising you of the passing of my beautiful wife and lifelong GPO to BT employee Sue Tinning. She passed away peacefully on 7th September this year with all the members of her close family around her. She fought a 5-year battle with bone cancer that started in her right shoulder and over the years took her right arm and shoulder then carried on by spreading into her head and spinal column.

Three months ago, she lost a lot of her remaining abilities including drinking her favourite tea. She changed to frozen lollipops but still stayed happy most of the time and never lost her smile - although it became a little crooked. She finally left us with no sound but with a half-smile of contentment!

Throughout her illness including the Pandemic, Queenscourt Hospice in Southport, The Christie and RJAH Oswestry have helped her with pain relief, advice, and operations so she could have a life as normal as possible and she spent her last night in the hospice after her final 3 months living at home under my care with support from the family and a choir of District Nurses and Carers.

Sue was 73 when she passed away and only ever worked for the GPO to BT combo with breaks to have and raise her two young children, a nasty divorce, a severe eye problem, some minor illnesses and finished working for BT early to look after our elderly parents.

She was born Susan HORROCKS in 1948 and raised in Bacup until she left school and became a GPO telephonist on manual exchanges around Rochdale and the Rossendale Valley from 1963 to 1966. She married her childhood sweetheart Stewart BARNES in 1966 and they had 2 children Antony and Victoria. She divorced him in 1978 and it was during this divorce that she met her future second husband Bill TINNING and started a 14-year courtship before getting married for both their second times in 1992.

Sue often talked fondly about her life as a telephonist in different places around Lancashire and Greater Manchester with different operating roles including competing in the 'Speaking Clock' competition. However, I know she hit her most enjoyable high spot as a Clerical Assistant in the MAC in Dial House. She was really upset when circumstances had her leave the MAC but her other career took precedent.

Sue was always a nice and caring person to any and everyone, the perfect Nana to her own 5 grand and 3 greatgrandkids and any other child that she came across. Me and lots of other people have benefited from it over the years and suddenly elderly family had some problems, so she left to become a carer for the people she loved and had begun to need her assistance.

Neither Sue nor I were highly religious, and Sue always wanted us to be together and be remembered as the happy couple we always were. She was cremated on 20th September and her ashes returned to our home, so we are together again. She will stay with me until my time comes and my will has instructions on how and where we will reside together forever along with our recently cremated 19 years old cat for our pet again.

Even though Sue said that she didn't want a fuss, we are having one now so that me, our family and you can celebrate her life and fabulous personality. Everyone who knew Sue is welcome to the Ellis Suite in our new Community Centre in Hesketh Bank on Sunday 31st October between 1 PM and 6 PM for as long or as short as you like, and it would be a delight to hear any of the many stories about knowing or working with Sue and 'the good old days' we all enjoyed.

We are calling her occasion ' A Celebration of Sue's Life' because Sue was always a happy lively soul and to remember her any other way is still too upsetting for words. We would prefer everybody who comes to dress casually, as far from funereal as you can manage please.

Like many other cancer patients Sue had a lot of day-to-day problems with pain that were sorted by Queenscourt Hospice and The Christie without big advertising budgets and who would benefit from any donations rather than buying flowers or cards for Sue.

The Ellis Suite holds 120 people with plenty of seating and tables. It also has a bar, kitchen and inside toilets, and for the infirm among us it has wheelchair access and facilities. There are unlimited car parking facilities adjacent to the centre with easy access.

It is proposed to be a Hotpot and Brown Ale affair but other sustenance will be available and Sues favourite music will be playing in the background.

Sue will be there with us 'enjoying' the atmosphere from within her box in a secluded, well-guarded spot so anyone can say goodbye and everything else is set for a good 'DO' or 'SEND OFF' for her as we say in Lancashire.

You can find more details about the Brand New Hesketh Bank Community Centre online but basically the postcode is PR4 6SR and it's on Station Road.

And finally, the usual Covid warning but my style! We are still living in very dangerous times especially for oldies like me and my fellow country bumpkins and I would beseech anyone planning to join us NOT to come if there is any reason you should not MINGLE, and when hopefully you do join us, please respect everybody's right of protection.

Yours truly

Sue's favourite man, still with a full white beard but now moist eyes forever.

Bill Tinning

Bill forwarded his mobile number if anyone wants to get in touch directly please post a comment or get in touch via our contacts page.

Message dated: Fri 15 Oct 2021

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