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New notice
From: Alan BarkerPosted: 4-12-2011
wine.jpg Cliff Elliott is 90 in Jan 2012 and still going strong
 Cliff who worked in Manchester on Exchange Designs and Estimates on the 6th Floor Telephone House Portland St in the 60's, 70's and 80's will be 90 on Jan 8th 2012. He's having a bit of a get together in the 'Old Monkey' (Corner Portland St/Princess St Manchester) 1st Floor, on Fri Jan 13th at 12:00 onwards; he would love to meet his old colleagues again some of which are listed below.
Tom Arthur Pete Hughes Vic Taylor
Brad Ashton Eddie Hughes Alan Thomson
Paul Banks Peter Hyde Howard Timms
Terry Beamond John Larkin Pete Waddicor
George Branwood Paul Lomas Fred Townsend
Ken Brock Pete Longhorn Brian Black
Allan Brown Jack Macdonald Eric Bonney
Chris Bullock Dave Macglasson Martin Wood
Ernie Butler John Marquis Dave Atkinson
Andrew Castle Harry Marsden Bren Alston
Harry Chorlton Tommy Moss
Bernie Collins Steve Musgrave
Sam Cooke Dave Oldham
Len Davies John Palmer
Len Ellis Mike Parkin
Colin England John Potter
Steve Eyres Brian Preston
Ken Fearns Duggie Prestwich
George Gilkes Graham Rodgers
Vera Green Terry Rodin
Lil Gronau Pete Round
Alan Hatton Bernie Rowlands
John Hill Frank Smith
Alan Holroyd Chris Stables
So if you're passing through town pop in and see Cliff
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From: Bryan MullineauxPosted: 21-11-2011
notice.jpg Dial House Clockwork Cowboys
 To all old rangeriders of Dial House it my sad duty to inform you of the death of Ken Smith who died peacefully in his sleep after a long battle with cancer. Ken was a stalwart of the Portland golf soceity as well as being the sheriff of Deansgate and Tandem. I attended his funural at Duckenfield Crem and passed on condolances from all his BT friends and colleagues to his wife and family.
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From: Stephen CorlessPosted: 21-10-2011
notice.jpg Chris Woolf
 Chris will be cremated at Dukinfield Crematorium at 1130 on Tuesday 25 Oct. His brother Tony (ex BT Dial House) has returned from his home in Australia.
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 15-10-2011
flowers2.jpg Farewell Chris Woolf
 John Drake wrote:

I am sorry to inform you that Chris Woolf died on Wednesday night of Liver failure due to his Diabetes, I thought you may like to know.

Best wishes

John Drake

Lol Williamson's footnote:

Chris worked in Centre area. His brother Tony worked in Dial House but left many years ago. Chris was the son-in-law of the former External Branch Secretary Albert Lever.
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From: Don BinksPosted: 5-10-2011
notice.jpg leaving do
 Ray Hayes and Don Binks dinosaurs from the old Manchester North Exchange Maintenance and Construction staffs have decided to leave BT to enable them to cause more damage and grief in the wider community. All are invited to the Waldorf (Gore St off Piccadilly ) on Friday 14th October foom 2pm onwards.
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From: Steve BatleyPosted: 26-10-2011
smile.jpg Steve Batley has left the building
 Hi All
An update:-
I have arranged a buffet for todays do, which will be UPSTAIRS @5.30. The location is The Moon Under Water on Deansgate from 4p.m.
I am looking forward to seeing all that can make it
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 27-9-2011
music.jpg Ged Wilson bids farewell
 Ged wrote:

Hi All,

I have decided to call it a day. From apprentice to climbing poles to nightshifts, account management, service management, Wholesale, Global, Retail….after 40 long years I have nowhere left to go! Having seen so many changes over the years it is now time to hand the baton over to you young ones (keep working hard I still have some BT shares!!).

I’m now going to spend some time travelling, voluntary work in Manchester Art Gallery (I know all about the Pre Raphaelites!) and pursuing my musical career (there is a feature on me in next month’s edition of “Acoustic” magazine

My last day of service is 30th September 2011 and I can now confirm that the “do” will be in:

Manchester on Thursday 20th October at The Moon Under Water on Deansgate from 5pm onwards.

The Moon Under Water is near Victoria Station, for details please see link below,

My old mate Howard Whitby is also leaving this week and he will be joining us on the 20th so if you could all spread the word please that would be great. There will sure to be a lot of old faces including a few guys who are already retired so should be a really good night…..looking forward to seeing you!!!

I have worked with everyone of you at some point in my career and it will be you folks that I will really miss.

Best of luck to you all!

Please feel free to pass this on to your colleagues.

Cheers, Ged Wilson
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From: Mike NorrisPosted: 22-9-2011
notice.jpg Dave 'captain' Bleakey and Bill Wade
 Dave Bleakey is leaving our world class company at last.
He spent many years in Dial House amongst other places. He was so popular with management, he was shipped about from pillar to post countless times.
For those who encountered him over his time in BT, you will no doubt agree he always left a lasting impression.
Anyway, Sawyer Arms, Deansgate Friday,7th October from lunchtime onwards is the place to be.

Same day, same time and just up the road in the Moon Under Water will be another much travelled BT Stalwart....BILL WADE. Bill was so dedicated to the company, he made the ultimate sacrifice of taking any job offered as long as it was a ROTA post, including working as many Sundays and Bank Holiday as possible. What a man !

Please take the opportunity of supporting these two gentlemen on their big day and at least join them in the partaking of a free drink.

I'm told that both events will be well attended with the usual array of BT/Ex BT personnel including Engineers, Management, Splitters etc.
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From: Ken MonaghanPosted: 12-8-2011
smile.jpg Dave Oxley Leaving BT.
 Dave Oxley ( Ex Collyhurst ATE; Blackfriars ATE; Bury ATE and numerous frame rooms in the North Manchester area ) has finally managed to escape the clutches of BT.
He would like his colleagues past and present to help him celebrate in “The Moon Under The Water” from 4pm onwards on 2nd September.
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From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 13-7-2011
mike.jpg Arthur Gilbert and Malc Kershaw's leaving doo
 Arthur Gilbert and Malc 'Kenny' Kershaw have finally decided to hang up their 81's.

They have both retired from BT and are now living a life of leisure!

They would like to invite colleagues past and present for a swift 'alf in the Hare and Hounds on Tuesday 19th July from around 3pm onwards.

Hare and Hounds
46 Shudehill
M4 4AA
Google Map
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