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No: 383 From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 26-3-2022
smile.jpg Colin Woodbridge to get the beers in
 Colin has spent most of his working life skiving around Dial House! Look out for a jump in the share price now he has finally left.

As another of Dial House's colourful characters escapes the grip of BT, it makes you wonder how many people are actually left in there!

Colin left the 24-7 Data Repair team officially on the 28th Feb with a nice goodbye present in his back pocket, and he would like to spend some of it on beer! Colin invites his friends and colleagues, past and present for a couple of flagons to celebrate his escape.

Colin's leaving doo:

Update: Colin has reserved the upstairs room and bar for his doo.

Wednesday 30th March at 1:00pm
Sinclair's Oyster Bar
Shambles Square
1 From: Garry Webster Posted: 23-02-2022
The Man, the legend, the extended lunchtime! All the best Col, top bloke
2 From: Pat Black Posted: 27-03-2022
Yes i will be there , looking forward to it.
3 From: John Chadwick Posted: 27-03-2022
Sorry I can't make it. I am in Thailand.
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