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No: 332 From: Stephen CorlessPosted: 27-8-2020
notice.jpg Rod Lomas
 I had to call on a neighbour of Rod's yesterday and saw his house up for sale. Was shocked to hear that Rod and his wife Wendy had both died on the same day a few months ago. Rod worked on telegraph's for many years in fact I was his youthie in 1965. Rod was a jazz enthusiast and lived in Denton!

Steve Dunn replied to our News email as follows:

Cannot think why I did not relay the information about the passing of Rod and Wendy Lomas to the BTMRStaff web site at the time but this is the message that I sent out to the former Telex guys I am still in contact with:-


I have just received some very sad news via a telephone call from John Clegg. It is with very great sadness that I must report to you the deaths of both Rodney and Wendy Lomas who both passed away within ten minutes of each other at about 11 pm yesterday night Friday 14th June. As best as I understand it Rodney had been admitted to hospital with a suspected hip injury after a fall and Wendy I assume died at home. The synchronicity of their passing is extremely thought provoking I will relay further information as it becomes available to me. At the moment it is uncertain what if any funeral arrangements there may be as John told me he believes they may both have donated their bodies to medical science.

With Great Sadness Rodney and Wendy R.I.P.

Rod and Wendy having actually died in 2019 and both having donated their bodies for medical research were able to have a joint funeral after their remains were returned just before the advent of lockdown earlier this year. The funeral was well attended by family friends and a large contingent of former Telex and BT colleagues.

I took over as TOA of the Telex field maintenance when Rod retired from BT in the early 1990's. He was far and away the best bloke I ever worked with during my 34 years with BT. Rod was so revered by the guys who worked with him that for many years and up until just before he died we would regularly get together and take him out for a drink. Rod was well known for his union work for the Manchester central internal branch of the POEU. Rod and Wendy are sadly missed by their many friends and relatives.

Steve Dunn.
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