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No: 314 From: Graham WhitesidePosted: 19-3-2020
question.jpg Corona Virus Symptoms
 As the covid-19 pandemic starts to take hold, How do you know if you have it?

Despite all the measures you can take it is inevitable that millions will catch the virus.

Indeed from a scientific point of view the only way that will stop the virus at the moment is that most people will eventually catch it.
If enough people build up immunity to covid-19 the virus will be stopped in it's tracks.

Presently there is no anti-viral vaccine available, it may take up to a year or even longer to develop and produce one.

For healthy and young people it can be no worse than traditional flu, but for anyone with other complications it can be deadly.

If you do contract covid-19, take care not pass it on to vulnerable people.

Take care and stay safe.
1 From: Dinesh Posted: 19-03-2020
Is it Covid-17 a new virous ? or it has steped down fron Covid-19 to 17 ?
2 From: Graham Whiteside Posted: 19-03-2020
Thanks Dinesh,
Fixed the typo.
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