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2024 Tony Wragg's Retirement Doo2024 Tony Wragg's Retirement Doo
2024 Shamaholics Meet Ups2024 Shamaholics Meet Ups
2024 Old farts of 1963 reunion2024 Old farts of 1963 reunion
2024 John Coburn's leaving doo2024 John Coburn's leaving doo
2024 Ian Tomlinson and Pete O'Hanlon Retirement Doo2024 Ian Tomlinson and Pete O'Hanlon Retirement Doo
2023 Xmas Shamaholics Doo2023 Xmas Shamaholics Doo
2023 Shamaholics Meet Ups2023 Shamaholics Meet Ups
2023 Leaving Doo  of  Mo Tattersall, Sharrelle Windsor, Craig Curry2023 Leaving Doo of Mo Tattersall, Sharrelle Windsor, Craig Curry
2022 Shamaholics Xmas2022 Shamaholics Xmas
2022 Sept Shamaholics2022 Sept Shamaholics
2022 SDH leaving doo2022 SDH leaving doo
2022 Richard, Bob Phil and Simon joint retirement doo2022 Richard, Bob Phil and Simon joint retirement doo
2022 Oct Shamaholics2022 Oct Shamaholics
2022 Nov Shamaholics2022 Nov Shamaholics
2022 Jubilee Shamaholics2022 Jubilee Shamaholics
2022 February Shamaholics2022 February Shamaholics
2022 December Shamaholics2022 December Shamaholics
2022 Colin Woodbrige Retirement2022 Colin Woodbrige Retirement
2022 April Shamaholics2022 April Shamaholics
2022 Apprentices from 19792022 Apprentices from 1979
2021 Xmas Shamaholics2021 Xmas Shamaholics
2021 Xmas  Vine Inn meet up2021 Xmas Vine Inn meet up
2021 June Shambles meet up2021 June Shambles meet up
2021 Class of 1963 Reunion2021 Class of 1963 Reunion
2020 Shamaholics (Corvidiots)2020 Shamaholics (Corvidiots)
2020 Graham Murray's Leaving Do2020 Graham Murray's Leaving Do
2019 Shamaholics Xmas Doo2019 Shamaholics Xmas Doo
2019 Paul Clayton's leaving doo2019 Paul Clayton's leaving doo
2019 John Millers leaving doo2019 John Millers leaving doo
2019 GPO Apprenticies 40th Reunion2019 GPO Apprenticies 40th Reunion
2018 TNS864 Xmas Doo2018 TNS864 Xmas Doo
2018 Shamaholics meet up2018 Shamaholics meet up
2018 Shamaholics Xmas Doo2018 Shamaholics Xmas Doo
2018 Joe Hinds Retirement2018 Joe Hinds Retirement
2017 Shamaholics Xmas Doo2017 Shamaholics Xmas Doo
2017 Reunion2017 Reunion
2017 Cathedral2017 Cathedral
2016 Xmas Shamaholics Doo2016 Xmas Shamaholics Doo
2016 Xmas Manchester Team2016 Xmas Manchester Team
2016 The Guardian Docket Tube System2016 The Guardian Docket Tube System
2016 Graham Whiteside's retirement2016 Graham Whiteside's retirement
2016 Derek Atherton's retirement doo2016 Derek Atherton's retirement doo
2015 Xmas Manchester Team2015 Xmas Manchester Team
2015 Mike Norris buys a short2015 Mike Norris buys a short
2015 First Thursday Shamaholics Christmas Do2015 First Thursday Shamaholics Christmas Do
2015 Allan Henson's leaving doo2015 Allan Henson's leaving doo
2015  Phil Leighton's leaving doo2015 Phil Leighton's leaving doo
2014 Xmas Dial House Engineers2014 Xmas Dial House Engineers
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