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2011 Bill Wade's Leaving Do2011 Bill Wade's Leaving Do
2011 Bill Lawton and Derek Leather's Leaving Do2011 Bill Lawton and Derek Leather's Leaving Do
2011 Arthur Gilbert and Malc Kershaw's leaving do2011 Arthur Gilbert and Malc Kershaw's leaving do
2010 Reunion2010 Reunion
2010 Dave Benson's Xmas Dinner2010 Dave Benson's Xmas Dinner
200x ACE Support200x ACE Support
2009 Nob's leaving Do2009 Nob's leaving Do
2009 Construction Staff Xmas2009 Construction Staff Xmas
2008 Construction Staff Xmas2008 Construction Staff Xmas
2007 Jag's leaving Do2007 Jag's leaving Do
2007 Construction and Maintenance Staff Xmas2007 Construction and Maintenance Staff Xmas
2007 Barry Webb's leaving do2007 Barry Webb's leaving do
2006 Maintenance Staff Xmas2006 Maintenance Staff Xmas
2006 Geoff Smith's Retirement2006 Geoff Smith's Retirement
2006 Colin Dutton's Retirement Do2006 Colin Dutton's Retirement Do
2006 Colin 'Woody' Woods Leaving Doo2006 Colin 'Woody' Woods Leaving Doo
2006 Bill Lawton and Derek Leather's Leaving Do2006 Bill Lawton and Derek Leather's Leaving Do
2006 BT Doo2006 BT Doo
2005 ADSH crew at the Bury Beer Festival2005 ADSH crew at the Bury Beer Festival
2004 Maintenance Staff Xmas2004 Maintenance Staff Xmas
2003 Maintenance Staff Xmas2003 Maintenance Staff Xmas
2002 NOU Power Coral2002 NOU Power Coral
2002 CP and Maintenance Staff Xmas2002 CP and Maintenance Staff Xmas
2002 BERT Team2002 BERT Team
2002 ASDH collection2002 ASDH collection
2001 Circuit Provision Xmas2001 Circuit Provision Xmas
199x Stockport Outpost Teams199x Stockport Outpost Teams
199x NOU Eclectic Mix199x NOU Eclectic Mix
199x ACE CP199x ACE CP
1999 Rutherford House1999 Rutherford House
1999 IBTE Game winners1999 IBTE Game winners
1999 ACE CP Xmas1999 ACE CP Xmas
1998 Joint Leaving Doo1998 Joint Leaving Doo
1998 Construction and others Xmas1998 Construction and others Xmas
1997 NOU1997 NOU
1996 NW Systems Support1996 NW Systems Support
1991 NW Data Management Group1991 NW Data Management Group
1991 NOU TXE4 Charity Day1991 NOU TXE4 Charity Day
198x Tandem closure knees-up198x Tandem closure knees-up
198x Sports Day at Longford Park198x Sports Day at Longford Park
198x Manchester Central198x Manchester Central
198x Darts Final198x Darts Final
198x Dalton Exchange198x Dalton Exchange
198x CP Dial House198x CP Dial House
198X Edgley, Lee Hargreaves's collection198X Edgley, Lee Hargreaves's collection
1988 Xmas Manchester XSC1988 Xmas Manchester XSC
1988 Mantel News1988 Mantel News
1987 Xmas Manchester XSC1987 Xmas Manchester XSC
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